Meet Our Vendors

Beverly’s Gourmet Foods
Contact: Beverly McClaughin
Work Phone: 704-533-0073 Website: Beverly's Gourmet Foods
Categories: Vegetarian/Vegan Prepared Foods
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Boy and Girl Farm
Contact: Joe & Amy Rohrer
Website: Boy and Girl Farm
Categories: Produce
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Burton Farms
Contact: Jonathon Burton
Work Phone: 704-530-4372 Work Phone: 980-241-2358
Categories: Produce
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Chicken Salad Chick
Work Phone: 980 237-6873 Website:
Categories: Fresh Flavors of Chicken Salad, and Sides
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Cloister Honey
Contact: Joanne de la Rionda
Work Phone: 704-517-6190 Website: Cloister Honey
Categories: Honey
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Essential Soaps
Contact: Nancy Fuller
Work Phone: 704-737-2385 Work Phone: 704-364-6336
Categories: Soaps and Creams
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Great Harvest Breads
Contact: Doug Harris
Work Phone: 704-333-0431 Website: Great Harvest Breads
Categories: Breads and Sweets
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Jasper Ridge Kombucha
Contact: Bobbi Parke
Work Phone: 704-699-4031 Work Phone: 704-699-1783 Website: Jasper Ridge Kombucha
Categories: Kombucha
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King of Pops
Contact: Brandon DeCurtins
Work Phone: 704-953-1867 Work Phone: 980-498-0737 Website: King of Pops
Categories: Prepackaged Frozen Desserts
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Old Sol Produce
Contact: Jackie Cristiano
Work Phone: 980-253-6502
Categories: Produce
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Olive Crate
Contact: Demitry Kostouros
Work Phone: 480-395-5703 Work Phone: 480-415-6703 Website: Olive Crate
Categories: Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Balsamic Vinegar
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Papa’s Culinaries
Contact: Keith Mathis
Work Phone: 845-264-8549
Categories: Food Truck
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Peaches n’ Cream- Phillips Farms LLC
Contact: Calvin Phillips
Work Phone: 843-622-8785 Work Phone: 704-694-2522
Categories: Produce
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Southern Pierogi
Contact: Brian Malone, Kelly Mitchell
Work Phone: 585-727-2046 Work Phone: 586-350-1190 Website: Southern Pierogi
Categories: Frozen Pierogi
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Two Moons Family Farms
Contact: Jenell Sheffield
Work Phone: 704-622-9635 Work Phone: 704-995-5477, Terry Website: Two Moons Family Farms
Categories: Meats
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Viva Raw
Contact: Scott Harris
Work Phone: 704-560-9345 Work Phone: 980-275-3834 Website: Viva Raw
Categories: Prepared Beverages and Food
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Windcrest Farm
Contact: Mary Roberts
Work Phone: 704-764-7746 Website: Windcrest Farm
Categories: Floral, Produce, Plants and Herbs
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Windham’s Gourmet Pimiento Cheese
Contact: Brenda Windham
Work Phone: 704-607-6815 Work Phone: 704-469-1056
Categories: Pimiento Cheese
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Contact: Charles Harn
Work Phone: 704-441-3860
Categories: Sharpening Services
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Zone 7 Foods
Contact: Emily Russell
Work Phone: 704-620-2094 Work Phone: 864-432-2943 Website: Zone 7 Foods
Categories: Frozen Prepared Foods: TV Dinners, Pizzas, Soups
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