Donating to the Cotswold Farmers Market


Local community folks are the lifeblood of the Cotswold Farmers Market. We cannot exist without the sponsors and other donors who provide financial support to your market. We truly appreciate all that is given to keep the market a vibrant and sustaining Community Project for you and the The Charlotte Providence Rotary Club.

There are times when the market experiences unexpected and/or non-budgeted costs that impact our bottom line. It is because of these types of situations that we welcome any donation(s), large or small, that you feel led to donate to this market.  We try our best to work within our budget, but there are events that exceed our planned budget. That is when you can make a difference!

Any year-end profit made from our market goes directly back to the The Charlotte Providence Rotary Club‘s various non-profit organizations which we support. All organizations are vetted annually and after careful consideration we dispense funds to assist each of those selected organizations. Local, national, as well as international organizations benefit from these dollars, and we are proud of that.  Last year we dispensed over $27,000 to these organizations, including the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus to assist in projects like eradicating Polio globally.

Please consider donating to the market. We will be happy to provide you a report of where your donation is being used.  Thank you for your support!

To donate to the market click the Donate Now button below.

To consider a sponsorship in the market please contact

Cotswold Farmers Market is a community project of the The Charlotte Providence Rotary Club, which is a 501(c)(4) a Non-Profit Organization. Your donation is tax-deductible for the full amount, less the value of any gifts you received.